A Little Reorganizing

As some of you may have noticed, I’ve made some changes to the site.  We are using a new template and I’ve reorganized the categories.  I’m sure there will be even more changes made in the next few weeks as we tweak the site for better performance and work-flow. read more

Dawn spacecraft closing in on Vesta

Vesta, a massive asteroid over 350 miles across, is the largest known of its kind.  With less than a year remaining until Dawn reaches the giant, scientist wait in anticipation. “There’s nothing more exciting than revealing an unexplored alien world,” says Marc Rayman, chief engineer for the Dawn spacecraft. Dawn’s trajectory will bring it into an orbit very close to Vesta’s.... read more

Toshiba Claims Data Storage Breakthrough

InfoWorld (08/18/10) Williams, Martyn Toshiba says it has achieved a breakthrough in data storage technology that could lead to hard drives with much higher capacities than are currently available. Toshiba says it has developed prototype bit-patterned, magnetic-storage technology that is built at a density equivalent to 2.5 terabits per square inch. The storage capacity is five times greater than... read more

Future on Display: Desk Lamp Turns Table Top Into 3D

New Scientist (08/13/10) De Lange, Catherine National Taiwan University (NTU) researchers have developed a lamp that can convert a multitouch tabletop display into a three-dimensional (3D) projection. Users viewing an image projected onto a tabletop display can zoom in on specific areas by positioning the lamp device on them. “We combine an infrared projector and a standard color projector to... read more

New Record For Ferroelectric Recording Data Density

Researchers at Tohoku University have successfully stored 4 trillion bits per square inch, a record for ferroelectric data storage.  This is approximately eight times the  density of today’s magnetic hard drives. Researchers note that many improvements are needed before the project becomes commercially viable such as developing a low-cost ferroelectric substrate and increasing the speed and accuracy... read more