Infographic: Buying a Gun in America has teamed up with designer Kelli Anderson to produce three amazing infographics about three major issues involving gun laws in the U.S. Click the images to see the full product. The first deals with how EASY it is to buy a gun.   The second with how many guns are sold in the U.S.¬†without a background check. In fact, there are only 14 states/districts that mandate background checks... read more

Creating Indestructible Self-Healing Circuits

California Institute of Technology (Caltech) researchers say they have developed self-healing integrated chips that can automatically repair themselves. During testing, the researchers destroyed various parts of the chips by zapping them with high-powered lasers, and then observed as they developed a work-around in less than a second. We “blasted half the amplifier and vaporized many of its... read more

Roku Private Channel List Updated

      In honor of the release of Roku 3, we decided that it was time to do a thorough update of our private channel list. We have since added over 100 channels and removed those that are no longer working or have gone public. The list is located on our ROKU page. Have fun! read more

Google Rings of Power

One ring to rule them all! You guessed it, I’m a Tolkien fan but that is not what this is about. In an effort to remove of the most insecure method of security, the password, Google engineers and working on rings that can be used to log into a computer or account. The idea is that by using personal hardware for security, you remove the dangers of people reusing passwords or writing them down. While... read more