AND… We’re BACK! Let me know if anything is missing. We had to rebuild it from scratch.

OVER 150 Private Channels Available

Roku PRIVATE channel list – updated and verified 3/15/2013!

Post in the comment section below if the channel list needs to be changed, edited, or updated. Thanks!

I intend to keep this list up-to-date with working channels and no double-listings. It’s meant to be a one-stop place for all your private channel needs.

TO ADD Channel Go to and enter the code provided below.

2M Morocco Programming2MMAROC
30aTV - Northwest Florida Beaches30A
100.3 - The Sound LATHESOUNDLA
1080p Showcase1080pBinary Moustache
ABC AustraliaABCAU
ABC AustraliaABCAUTVDreamer
Adam Curry's Big App Showbigappshow
Ahlebait TV (Islamic Programming)ahlebait
Ahulbayt TV (English Islamic Programming)abtv1
Air1 Christian Radioair1
AJ Jordan the Crescendo MRPRC
Al-Sharqiya TV (Iraqi TV)SHARQIYA
Al JazeeraALJZstratcat96 (Ham Radio)ALOGIC
Angieslist TVAngielist
Animoto (Photo Service)animoto
AnomaliesTV (Documentaries)XM7EG
AP's Top News Headlines ScreensaverBRYKRTheNowhereMan
Archive Classic MoviesWSW1P
Autism InformationTAC
Avalon PCYW0ASAvalonPC
BBC World NewsBBCN
Billy Graham NetworkBGTV
Blog your Wineblogyourwine
Broadcast Network TVbroadcastnetworktv
Calvary Hanfordcalvaryhanford
Chaneru 2.0EBUQA
Charlie Rosecharlierose
Christian Video PixDKHAUrsromeo
Christian Video Pixcvp
Cinamagic Classic Filmscinamagic
Classical Music - Abacus.fmABACUSRADIO
Classic Westernscowboy
CNN InternationalCNNI
Couch Cutter TV (Horror)couchcuttertv
Couchy Play (cloud player)couchyplay
Country Network, ThetcnTCN
CrossTV (Christian TV)crosstv
Demand the Outdoorsdemandtheoutdoors
Dr. Bill Bailey - Tech newsDrBillTV
DramaFever (Asian movie/tv)dramafever
Earth-Touch HD03VG9
Electric Sheep (beta e-book reader)ElectricSheepNathanWhitehead
Family TVfamilytv
Florida Education Channelfec
Focus Realityfocusreality
Frogpants Studiosfrogpants
Funny or DieIU1VYTheNowhereMan
G.A.S (Great American Songbook) Stationgas1
Gameview TVGVTV
Google Maps (beta)GMAP
Google VoiceNXFBWTheNowhereMan
Hero USA (Military History)herousa
Honor HD (Military)HONOR
Hubblecast HD9OFQXTheNowhereMan
Hungry NationHUNGRY
Hypnosis and Hypnotherapyhmiwebtv
Indy MogulFILMYTVDreamer
Inferno RadioinfernoRadio
ITunes PodcastsITPCTheEndless
Kelby TVkelbyTVDreamer
Kevin's Chess VideosKevinGongChess
Koi Fish TVkoi
Kosher Metal (music videos)KosherMetalRoku
LDS Video PodcastsTMLJWjribble
LED Clock ScreensaverQZB4NRenoJim
LightPanel HD (screensaver)lightpanel
Live TV StreamslivetvnowTVDreamer
Movie SplashMOVIESPLASHTVDreamer
Mummy BoxlivetvnowTVDreamer
My Channel Network (malay)FVBSD
NHK World - Japanese News (English)NHK
Nowhere ForecasterGIN8ETheNowhereMan
Nowhere Traffic (cams)9MQBZthenowhereman
Nowhere TVH9DWCTheNowhereMan
Nowhere USB PlayerKGULUthenowhereman
Nuod Tayo TVK49NLpin2gtoes
OBX TV North Carolina Historyobx
Onion News NetworkONNTheEndless
Outdoor Cooking and GrillingTOCC
OV Guide (movies)OVGUIDE
Para Trek TVGGY8B
Phoenix Traffic9MQBZTheNowhereMan
PlayOn PersonalMYPLAYONPlayOn
Poetry ActivistSFPOET
PopFlix Classic TVpopflixtv
PopSugar TV (gossip)popsugartv
Positive Peak Radio & TVMNYVPPositivePeak
Pro Med Networkpromed
Quiero Reggeaton TVQRTV12 (radio underground)2NFMX
Radio ReferenceENGBH
Redbull TVREDBULLTVtimber03
Retrovision TVretrovision
Rock climbing videosDPMTV
SDR News (Tech News)SDRN12
Seattle Community College Newsseattlecctv
Seattle Community NewsSCM
Select Radio StationsRD7UQE
Senior / Elder CarePUCDZ
Seventh Day Adventist3ANGELSLIVE
Shamu Cam (Seaworld Cam - Screensaver)FDSDF
Simple WeatherIFUIN
Simple WeatherIFUINpeej
Streamin' Garage (comedy)streamingarage
Tacklebox (fishing)FISH
Tahoe Network TVTNTV
Talk of San DiegoY2FPW
Ted TalksLORYR
Teletica Canal 7 Costa Rica9RRFU
Television Shopping ChannelTVSTheEndless
TERRA Nature of our WorldF3SIG
TERRA Nature of our WorldF3SIG (tech news)TestedFan
The Traveling Twosomethetravelingtwosome
This is my nextThisIsMyNextBinary Moustache (outdoor sports)transworld
TVN Weather tvnweather
Twitter ScreensaverV8MRSTheNowhereMan
Twonky Beam (airplay alternative)mytwonky
UFOs & Aliens ufos
USB Media BrowserKGULUTheNowhereMan
ViddlerViddlerBinary Moustache
VideoBuzz (youtube)VideoBuzz
Weather Radarradarrenojim
World Worth Watchingworldworthwatching

174 Responses to “Roku”

  1. Paul says:

    Thanks 🙂 I appreciate it.

  2. Paul says:

    Just a suggestion, if the newest added channels could be in say red?

  3. kc says:

    Awesome! Thank you.

  4. Paul says:

    Sounds great, thanks 🙂

  5. Taylor says:

    Thanks! This is so helpful! I hope they make a channel with local news soon : )

  6. Jeff says:

    I am sorry, I am new to Roku. How can I watch these channels? Is there a way to add them to my list?? thanks,

    • Chris says:

      You can add any of these channels by going to and logging in. Once there you just type in the “channel code” for the private channel that you want to add – it’s that simple.

      If you don’t see it in your channel list right away, just visit the channel store through your Roku and then exit – it will show up after that.

  7. Just a heads-up, I developed the Viddler channel. Thanks!

  8. Cat says:

    Nicely done list. Thanks. The only suggestions I have are (1) add a ‘Date Added’ column (which you’ve already addressed) and (2) change the codes to links that will automatically add the channel’s code to the web page.

  9. Cat says:

    Roku reports code MRCTV (My Roku Channel) is an invalid code.

  10. Jeff says:

    I tried entering the pub-d-hub code and it says it is invalid?

  11. Henning says:


    could you please update the tagesschau channel entry?

    Code: tagesschau
    (this is the vanity code and ensures a user gets the latest version)
    Genre: News
    (streams are not live)
    Developer: Henning Saul

    Thanks a lot & please let me know if you have any questions.


  12. Ed says:

    Well, tried BBC Live code: INVALID

    thanks for having the list. Hope to see more codes.

    • Chris says:

      Not sure what the “MYROKUCHANNEL” was about originally, but it seems that BBC and France24 have been removed since they are now included in NowhereTV (along with countless other stuff).

      I removed all three from my list. Thanks!

  13. justme says:

    Thanks for doing this!

    Snagfilms code not working.

    Would you consider adding a column with a link to info about the channel?

    • Chris says:

      Snagfilms is removed now…

      If I were to post links, they would mostly be to Roku Forums pages. I am not sure of the utility of that, but if people continue to request it then I just might have to. 🙂

  14. Eric Heistand says:

    The BBC one doesn’t seem to work. Says code is invalid.

  15. Danny says:

    Hey, Thanks for putting together this list!

    The codes for “BBC Live” and “My Roku Channel” do not work.

  16. Fidel says:

    The codes for Al Jazeera and BBC Live are incorrect, I keep getting a message that the codes were invalid. Please fix or update codes. Thank you

    • Chris says:

      They have been removed and the live channels are now part of NowhereTV.

      • Dee says:

        Futubox is now not working either. It’s a shame because it was my favorite channel. Is there any channels free on roku that will stream live for the history channel, discovery channel, FX and animal planet?

  17. stratcat96 says:

    All of the original Int. News channels no longer work. I put together working channels for most of them and here are their codes…

    Al Jazeera – ALJZ (already there)
    RT News English – RTNEWS
    RT America – RTAMERICA (already there)
    CNN International – CNNI
    BBC World News – BBCN

    I thought users might like to have them

  18. Jim says:

    How I delete an added private channel from Roku “My Channels”?

    • Jim says:

      Nevermind, I see how to do it through the Channel Store and the My Channel grouping, hitting the icon you want to delete and selecting remove. Thanks

      • tom says:

        You can jump straight to the screen to remove a channel by clicking the asterisk (star) on the Roku remote while the channel is highlighted.

  19. Tony C says:

    Thanks a bunch for this kick ass list! 🙂

  20. Donna says:

    There is NO sound on Food Network Nighttime…the commercials have audio but, not any of the shows do???

  21. Leonard says:

    This is great Chris! Thanks a ton!!!

  22. Sarwat Riaz says:

    AOA I didn’t see peace TV. Is there any possibility we can watch islambox or Quran TV or islam channel on Roku. AOA

  23. Roger says:

    I love watching PBS shows free on the internet. Is there a way to add PBS INTERNET shows to private channel on ROKU? Shows like FRONTLINE are awesome, I still have to watch it on my laptop.

  24. Couldn’t get thses codes to work

  25. Peggy Schrader says:

    Couldn’t get codes to work for YouTube and Picassa

  26. Nina says:

    Great list but the youtube code dosen’t work any other options ?

  27. LULU says:

    Hi. I’m having problems with the You Tube code. I’m putting in B8VVK. Is this correct? Thanks.

    • marcos burgos says:

      you tube is no longer in roku channels since october 2010.

    • Keith says:

      Last I heard Youtube was taken blocked by Roku per the demand of Google– the parent company. People who have the app installed on their box prior still have the access.

  28. LULU says:

    Oh and I just wanted to say how awesome this list is. Food Network is one of the channels that I missed after cancelling my satellite. I just didn’t miss it enough to reorder the service. I only wish it were more current. But beggars can’t be choosers. Besides, I’ll live if I don’t watch current TV. Honestly the longer I go without satellite or cable TV, the less I miss it. Thanks so much

  29. Jean says:

    Hey, Chris,

    Wish I’d gotten my Roku out of the box before 4/20, but at least there’s lots of other content. 🙂

    Couldn’t get TVCOM to work and of course you need to remove YouTube from the list.

  30. CW says:

    The TV.COM code is not working, any suggestions?

  31. joe says:

    Stop asking for YouTube codes. YouTube had Roku remove the private channel access for it because Roku did not pay a licensing fee to them. You will not be able to get YouTube now (unless you added the code before Roku pulled it).

  32. Marie says:

    TV.COM code no longer works!

  33. marcos burgos says:


  34. Bruce says:

    Confusion — as usual — about BBC stuff.

    BBC Word Service = audio only
    BBC News = UK-oriented tv news; some world news
    BBC World News = world-oriented tv news

    What was listed here as BBC World News is really BBC News, and the icon that comes up on the roku for BBCN is World Service.

  35. Samantha says:


    Thank you for the list!

    The TV.COM codes seems to be not working. It tells me “The channel code provided is not associated with a valid channel.”

  36. Shawna says:

    There’s a PlayOn script for ScriptTV which adds a lot of cable channels …was wondering if there was a standalone version where you wouldn’t have to pay for the PlayOn service?

  37. paul says:

    yes is it when you download the code to your roku, it then ask for a password??

  38. Barbara L says:

    Thank you so much for these wonderful channels!!!!! BTW,YouTube does not work, but no problem.

  39. Jack B. says:

    The next time you update your list of private Roku channels, could you please add Libertydrome? It’s a libertarian/voluntaryist oriented channel focusing on issues such as government transparency, police accountability, photographer’s rights and civil liberties. We feature clips from and Liberty on Tour as well as a growing archive of RT’s “Adam vs. The Man”.

    The access code is: LIBERTATE and the link in my name on this comment goes to our website.


  40. Frank says:

    Most of codes do not work. July 16. Has something changed………just got ROKU and seems only the weather sites have the proper code??? Am I doing something wrong??

  41. Sue says:

    The code for comes up invalid.

  42. Sreeja says:

    Great website ! Thank you for doing this. You tube code is not working. Can you please make sure this is updated?

    • Mike says:

      RateRix was the alternative to youtube but, as of Aug 2,2011, they are now having problems too. Hopefully this will be fixed. Youtube changed their video format to support ipod, ipad etc and screwed up RaeRix for all I know. The RateRix channel on roku now says “Unsupported Video Format”. Hope they get it fixed. It was awesome.

  43. Chris says:

    Just an FYI:

    The You Tube Channel has been removed at the request of You Tube. The channel code no longer works. They have not (thus far) taken down those who have the channel already installed, but they are not permitting new installs of the channel.

  44. Asgar says:

    Thanks a million!
    Press TV’s code says invalid, thanks again.

  45. Elizabeth says:

    Good Afternoon, I am new to Roku2 and just received it in the mail this past weekend. My husband and I have been playing around with it and have found this site to be extremely useful. Thank you for all your help/assistance and great posts!

    We recently canceled our cable (on Tuesday) because we were beginning to pay over $200 a month for nothing! We didn’t have much time to watch tv, so I ordered the Roku2 and it arrived quickly!

    My question is – Is there a way to watch the Military Channel? My husband loves to watch that (and you already answered my question about watching Soaps, so I will keep checking so that I don’t have to plug my laptop in). Also, is there any other way to watch current TV channels? I didn’t see it on ?

    Thank you!

    • Krisbee says:

      No, there is no way to watch the military channel. Most of these channels are taking webcontent and putting it into a channel. Some of this webcontent isn’t Roku compatible, or it is encumbered by a lot of adobe flash muck that makes it just too hard to work out – hooking up your laptop is the best solution there. You can buy a wireless keyboard for $30 and keep it near the couch if you want to make it easier.

      For your husband, look into netflix streaming for the $8 it costs – there are alot of History and A&E shows starting to show up there, and it is a great value.

      There is also no good way to watch live USA tv, if that is what you mean. Most cord cutters will put up a good Free, over the air antenna, and they will use a tuner to supplement. Digtal TV is HD, and is fantastic – sometimes it can be a step up in quality compared to cable/satellite. Sometimes a huge step up if you use satellite and are in a smaller market where the signal is most likely more compressed.

      Some have also figured out how to put a tuner in the computer and automatically record shows for them and make them available on the roku after they air. I actually record stuff on the computer, have the computer cut the commercial out for me automatically, and change it into a Roku format and put it in a folder that I can see on multiple Roku’s in the house.

    • Al Lopez says:

      Try downloading the ZTV Entertainment toolbar(Google it and download from the website)The toolbar will allow you to stream cable tv signals over the internet directly to your computer for FREE 🙂
      Like you, my wife and I also decided to cancel our cable TV (those crooks!)and purchased 2 Roku boxes (We love em!)

      • Christine says:

        @Al… saw your post to Elizabeth…
        but not sure on the how… if you download the toolbar, it is on your PC… so then how do you get stuff from THERE to the Roku?

        I’m obviously new to Roku, so any assistance appreciated.

        What I’m really intersted in also, is how to get regular free Hulu over to Robu if that’s possible. I was hoping there was a code for a private channel, but haven’t heard of one.

        Thanks… hope to hear from you!

    • Alex says:

      You can watch the military channel if you subscribe to the Itunes podcast (ITPC), within the podcasts is the military channel podcast. Hope that helps

  46. Elizabeth says:


    Also is there a way to get/see – Burn Notice on USA Channel? and Archer

    Thank you!!

    • Christine says:

      I am interested in similar programs, seems alot of the USA series are running on the free online Hulu…

      Is there a way to get our hands on some of these?

      One I’m interested in is the series called John Doe… running on IMDB and Hulu, among other places, perhaps.

      Anyone know of a code to get this type of programming (tv series/episodes)…


  47. Dylan says:

    Looking for English Premier League football. Saw this page but do not see any channel that is applicable in your list above.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    I totally agree about the sentiments indicated above regarding the Cable companies. Just gave them the boot myself.

  48. Hi

    I have just published a new Roku private channel which links to a vidcast that I help make. Its called Amateurlogic and it is made by 4 amateur radio operators including myself. Although a lot of the content is about amateur radio we also cover a lot of tech subjects including camera use. We have already put together 32 episodes ranging from a half hour to an hour.

    Check us out by using the magic Roku code “Alogic”. Can you please add us to your list?


    Peter VK3PB

  49. Correction the URL should be

    cheers Peter

  50. I can’t find a list for private channels does anyone have the list or where it is

  51. Flair says:

    Looking for EWTN.. does anyone know how to set-up a private channel for this channel? They have live tv and podcast

    Thanks in advance!

    • xnamkcor says:

      You could try sharing the podcast folder over the network and playing it with a general network media streaming channel.

    • M says:

      EWTN is now available as a public channel by adding it through the Roku Channel Store on your Roku. They have three different live feeds.

  52. Ceno says:

    Is there any possibility of having Formula 1 on Roku? I have searched far and wide but have not been lucky enough to get a feed. Even if its paid I would not mind subscribing to it. Please do let me know. Thanks

  53. matt says:

    is there a way to get “Masterpiece” from PBS. It is not part of the PBS Channel lineup using code PBS. Currently we watch using the PBS app on our iPad.

  54. Chrissy says:

    FlickStream = WVS3B “not valid” – just FYI. THANKS for the list!!

  55. Erin D says:

    very useful list- thanks! does anyone know the Univseral Sports private channel code? I purchased a subscription to the sports channel but would like to stream it through the roku.

  56. Donna says:

    Would love to be able to add zap2it to my Roku

  57. Barry says:

    I can’t seem to find the BBC and ITV UK channels anymore. They used to be on the Nowhere TV but no longer show on my Roku box. Have they moved or just beeen taken off.

  58. Beverly says:

    Is there a way to get ALL the MHz network channels through Roku? currently there is only MHz On Demand which does not show their International Mysteries!!! That is what I watch MHz for! that and GAA sports, (that’s Gaelic Athletic Association for those who don’t know) which is also NOT on MHz On Demand!

  59. thomf says: TVCOM
    is no longer valid i tried it and does not work 🙁

  60. CutTheCable says:

    Last.FM (X0MCZ) is not valid

  61. tydydgrll says:

    Is there somewhere that gives a more detailed description of what is on the channels?

  62. Art Stadlin says:

    Nice list. Thank you for creating it. Small enhancement request: Mark or sort so that the newest additions to the list are easy to spot.

  63. sir kay says: = USTVNOW “not working” – just FYI. THANKS for the list!!

  64. Barry says:

    I have just enrolled through Dish Network for Blockbuster Movie Pass. In addition to the extra channels and on demand, on the Dish DVR, I also get access to streaming through a PC, some of which doesn’t appear to be available through the DVR. Does anyone know if Roku would be able to access the streaming feed?

    • walter6758 says:

      My advise to you is to get rid of DishNetwork. This company is famous for their lousy customer service and deseptive service. Get an anteena, and get a roku and save your money.

  65. Alex says:

    Can you please add our channel to your list?

    private channel code is skittertv

    This is real live tv. Yes, you can now cut the cord.

    • Chris says:

      Will do…

    • Rick Rhoads says:


  66. eringene says:

    It would be so cool if you could get ESPN3 on Roku.

    • Chris says:

      You can if you add the playon channel. It has espn and espn3.

    • sanjida says:

      You can get ESPN3 on roku through its a paid service for 4.99 a month or a one time 80$ fee. You also get content from hulu, cbs, comedy central, bet, tbs, etc.

      I watch a lot of soccer games which are usually broadcast in espn3…so I thought it was well worth the money.

    • Morm1175 says:

      You can get espn3 on roku ,only install playon in you computer and then add the playon channel on roku just open the playon in the computer and you can get any channels that playon have . 25 channels

  67. greg says:

    I agree, Matt — big time !!!

  68. kv says:

    CBC code for canadian broadcast does not work. thank you.

  69. Uncle Ted says:

    The BBC World Service livestream now apparently plays the domestic BBC News service rather than BBC World News.

  70. moses says:

    please can you add channels internationals from nigerian

  71. Juli says:

    Great work,
    Where do i find other channel codes not listed on your page?
    I want to contribute to your nice list.
    bTW i got BBC news (BBCN) but when i try to play it, it doesnt load. :/

  72. Gooch says:

    HBOGO.COM can this happen at all? I have a subscription…

  73. Sabi says:

    I just purchased a new ROKU 2 XS and trying to add Youtube. Watched one of the youtube video and got the code B8VVK but this is not working. Wondering if anyone can help me providing the accurate code for Youtube in Roku.

    • Keith says:

      YouTube not available on roku because of google you can use raterix Channel however to watch YouTube videos that channel raterix is on roku 2

  74. Arif Imam says:

    There is a new Arabic LIVE IPTV is available on Roki, DMedia is offering 20 Live Premium Arabic TV channels. Code is DMEDIA.


  75. RICH says:

    I cant seem to stream tbn! The on demand shows with tbn work great!But live always reloads over and over.Can you please help with this problem? Thanks! Rich

  76. Gayle says:

    I added this channel, however all it says is Retrieving Image- no pictures whatsoever.
    Anyone know why this might be?
    Thanks for any feedback anyone can give me.

  77. barbara ellis says:

    Is “The WORD Network” on your private channels list?

  78. Al says:

    I’m sorry – Where is the list?

  79. LEAH says:

    Your list does not appear on this page anymore. What gives…??

  80. nobody says:

    Where is the list?

    Did it get removed? Tried on phone, tablet, still nothing.

  81. Tim says:

    Our apologies everyone, we were hacked last week and are still working on getting everything restored. Don’t worry, the Roku channel list will be back asap.

  82. jb says:

    The YouTube Private channel code B8VVK is not working, says its not a valid Private Channel.

  83. KP says:

    I have developed a channel for the ROKU that is available in the channel store for a one

    time purchase of $2.99 It is called the Vintage Audio Video Channel. Vintage Movies And

    Classic TV Shows. Documentaries, Animation, War Films And Survival Information. A Wide

    Variety Of Entertainment, Information And Sage Instruction.

    The neat thing about ROKU is that you choose what you want to see on an individual basis.

    Once your buy a roku you could also watch many free channels or a combination or free

    channels and small fee “paid” channels.

    There are also many “private” channels that are FREE or paid also.
    The Conservative Channel (A Radio Alternative) is a “private” channel not listed in the ROKU

    channel store. There are many other “private” ROKU channels that are also not listed in the

    ROKU channel store. Hundreds in fact.

    To add my FREE channel to your ROKU go to the link below and enter the code after you log

    in. (FREE Private Channel) (Enter Vanity Access Code MGSVYY) $2.99 One Time Fee FREE

    • Sarath Jinadasa says:


      I want a roku channel. Could you please develop a roku channel for me.If so pl let me know your requirement.



  84. Satish says:

    This is really good, but the codes for many good channels like democracy now don’t work in UK
    If you can help that would be great
    Many thanks

  85. Kathryn says:

    Hgtv doesn’t work

  86. Adrian says:

    I added HGTV and it noted that the content was not working or something to that effect. Just an FYI. I would love to get that channel back, if possible.

  87. diego says:

    sup, I.m from Costa Rica, central america. my question is, if HGTV channel it´s able to watch in my country?

  88. Jax says:

    Tried to add HGTV and Food Network but it just says “content unavailable.”. Bummer, really miss those channels. 🙁

  89. Rokuchick says:

    Howdy! The YouTube Channel and the TV.Com channels both no longer exist. Add least that was what happened when I tried to add both of the private channels, they are no longer working.

  90. msdrpepper says:

    as of 4.11.2012 I’ve been able to get the BBC, CNN, CNNI, ALJZ entered just fine, but the YouTube didn’t work (I even tried just typing in YouTube. I guess they don’t want to be found just yet.).

    Would the YouTube channel need to have separate codes for each of the video uploaders? or would one be able to select the videos they wanted to see from within the Roku. I guess it’s something still in development so I’m not terribly worried about it…

    I just wanted to gain access to the SparkPeople exercise videos on a screen larger than my PC!! 🙂


    Oh and the “date added” and/or newest added in different color, and the hyperlink are all excellent suggestions!! I’m a total newbie at Roku.

    The other question that I’m still investigating (and I can’t find the specific remote to our analog tv – I know, I’m a Luddite, need to get a 21st century HDTV or whatever) is how to get the captions to pass thru on Roku?? since all these channels are well and good for the hearing people but so far I’ve not gotten a lot of benefit without the captioning (but cable and satellite weren’t much better and that’s why I gave them both the heave-ho ten years ago and refused to pay their outlandish charges!).



  91. Don Bradford says:

    PRESS RELEASE: Threshold Expands with New Roku Channel App

    Name: Threshold
    Code: threshold

  92. KAREN says:

    I’m trying to put in 90Fox is this correct for hubblecast’s saying not a valid

  93. denise says:

    hgtv doesn’t work hasn’t for months.

  94. BLOOMOON says:

    the youtube is invalid I really really want that one. every list is posting that code but not working.

  95. Great list of private channels. One of the things that makes the Roku stand out as a great media streamer. I will add a backlink to your site from Where we cover the hottest media players on the planet.

  96. Kristine says:

    I didn’t read all the comments to see if someone else posted but TV.COM has been taken down by Roku.

  97. Sara says:

    NokNok has Youtube and many many other channels. It’s still in BETA (very clunky) and many channels don’t work but I’ve never had any issues getting around YouTube. June 6, 2012

  98. I cling on to listening to the news talk about receiving free online grant applications so I have been looking around for the finest site to get one. Could you advise me please, where could i find some?

  99. Dave says:

    *No adult channel please*

    edited by Chris

  100. Jack Murphy says:

    Here’s a channel to add to your list, Myrtle Beach Video Network…….code – myrtlebeachvideo

  101. Andy says:

    July 2, 2012 HGTV no longer working.

  102. elson says:

    not have any channels of Brazil.

  103. elson says:

    no Goltv

  104. Star M. says:

    YouTube doesn’t work but otherwise Thanks.

    Please remove YouTube

  105. Dr. Bill Bailey.NET Roku Channel


    Dr. Bill Bailey’s NETwork of Video and Audio Netcasts. Entertaining, topical programs covering Technology, Geek Culture, Natural Health, and even Spiritual issues of the day! Check out our website at: http://www.DrBillBailey.NET for more information!

  106. Chris Howk says:

    Another suggestion that I would add (I dont know if someone said it alreay because the thread was too long to read) is to have a description of the channel embedded in the name of the channel. That way I could click on the channel to find more info to see if I want to add it or not.

    Great list though, added to my favorites.

  107. t says:

    I don’t have ROKU at this time but i’m looking into information about it because i’m thinking of getting one. But….. The more and more I’m reading stuff from other’s, this product doesn’t sound tooo promissing! I want to hook this up to my TV. Not just my computer! I guess I’ll look into other options. Thank you for this site. All of you have been VERY helpful………


    • LR says:

      The Roku hooks up directly to the TV no computer necessary!
      I am new to Roku and it could not be easier to use!
      Luv luv luv!!!

  108. As a replacement for the now defunct YouTube Channel…you can still get YouTube videos at VideoBuzz, which can be added with code word: “VideoBuzz”

    Also, nice private channels:

    Dr. Bill Bailey.NET – You can enjoy the strange and geeky observations of Dr. Bill on all things web and computer related on our show, “Dr. Bill.TV,” catch up on all things Virtual and what is happening in the Cloud Computing world with “VirtZine,” and what is happening with Hand Held Devices on the “Hand Held Hack” Netcast! Code: “DrBillTV”

    SpeakFaith.TV Beta – The SpeakFaith.TV Channel is live in the regular Roku Store, but the demo channel is also up and is our development channel. Code: “SFTVbeta”

  109. kein says:

    free channel code 3ABN works.

  110. leslie says:

    Live TV streams, and Food Network Nighttime no longer work. Thanks so much for these codes 🙂

  111. R says:

    Confusion — as usual — about BBC stuff.
    BBC Word Service = audio only
    BBC News = UK-oriented tv news; some world news
    BBC World News = world-oriented tv news
    What was listed here as BBC World News is really BBC News, and the icon that comes up on the roku for BBCN is World Service.

    The above was reported by Bruce in 2011. It still holds true. BBCN is NOT BBC World News but the UK oriented news. Please fix it … that was the first thing I tried from you list and it was in error 🙂 so I searched the comments and saw Bruce’s msg from 2011.

  112. Sen says:

    what??? no filipino channel available!?

  113. Jim says:

    No PBS for me either

  114. CJS says:

    Just recently added PBS and Smithsonion channels, and notice both require frequent reloading.Wondering why? I am not encountering this with Amazon or Crackle, the other two channels I use most.

  115. Shaun says:

    Here’s a great one of pilot tv show episodes:

  116. lahry says:

    Hello, I have SEVERAL view website and they all give the same codes and especially most are already on roku ….. No I just can not find a Vision TV Network if someone could code I thank you advance … and if you codes on channels the Middle East and Europe

  117. peed off with rocku says:

    You need to update your list. Roku sold out to dish network and have taken off all the overseas news channels plus other good stuff. It was good while it lasted.

  118. Mary says:

    CBC-Canadian Broadcasting is no longer available

  119. Gomez says:

    ABC Australia is no longer available.

  120. Brazilian says:

    Looking for some Brazilian channels, but couldn’t find any. Can someone direct me?

  121. moha says:

    where do I get African news like Somali channel sntv and universal in roku 3 let know if you have a code ..thanks

  122. keith says:

    just got it it great? cost better than cable

  123. Peter Rostron says:

    The ABCAU apparently does not work, I’m using a ROKU 3 and it just says it is not acceptable.

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