Here is a Google Map of my location

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Happy Birthday to me…

Ok, so yesterday was  my birthday, but I am choosing to observe it today. Yesterday I was way too tired to do much except eat excellent shwarma (with chicken in it and Allah knows what else). When I eat something here, it always seems like I have to take the “wait and see” approach to any sort of bodily consequences… so far so good. The breakfast here at the hotel is simple –... read more

So… I made it to Hammam-Sousse

I made it here to Tunisia a bit later than I expected. The problems began in Atlanta on the Delta flight to Paris. (Side note… I saw Mike Huckabee walking by and he looked like he had put on quite a bit of weight… so much for that diet plan/book he wrote). Once we boarded the plane and everything was situated. Everyone started realizing that we were still at the gate for about 10-15 minutes... read more

Everything is almost ready!

Apart from a few planning issues at home and some last minute packing, everything has been confirmed. There is supposed to be a person at the airport in Tunis ready to pick me up in the afternoon on Friday. It all sort of feels surreal at this point, but I am sure it will set in once I am on the flight for an ungodly amount of time. Hopefully they have some decent in-flight movies. Otherwise I will have... read more

Leaving for Sousse, Tunisia May 27th…

The Languages in Action program teaches intensive Arabic summer programs in Sousse, Tunisia. It was the only course, for the price, that offered early 4-week summer trainings. It was a bit expensive (about $750) but hopefully it will be worth it. I will post updates on this site, specifically under the “Tunisia” category, about how the trip is going. I will also post pictures and other fun... read more