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NASA: Curiosity Experiences Intense Solar Storms

  On January 27th, 2012, the Curiosity spacecraft was hit with an intense solar radiation storm. No need to worry, this was part of its mission. Using its Radiation Assessment Detector, Curiosity was able to count the multitude of particles, protons, cosmic rays, and neutrons that bombarded it. With this data, NASA scientists will be able to determine the type of radiation humans could be exposed... read more

Dawn spacecraft closing in on Vesta

Vesta, a massive asteroid over 350 miles across, is the largest known of its kind.¬† With less than a year remaining until Dawn reaches the giant, scientist wait in anticipation. “There’s nothing more exciting than revealing an unexplored alien world,” says Marc Rayman, chief engineer for the Dawn spacecraft. Dawn’s trajectory will bring it into an orbit very close to Vesta’s.... read more

Perseid Meteor Shower

On Thursday, August 12th look to the west shortly after dark for one of the best meteor showers this year.  While your watching, see if you can find Venus, Mars and Saturn as well. View Full Article read more