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AA Map: Accurate Reflection of County Voting Densities

I made this map in response to the choropleth maps that have been floating around that don’t quite reflect voting populations in the US. This map is rendered based on population density by county and labeled according to RED or BLUE. Soon I will post another map that details just how “blue” or how “red” each county voted. Either way, both of these are better indications of... read more

Spatial Placement of Electoral Possibilities for 2012 – NYTimes

The NYTimes has just released a chart placing all electoral votes from 2008 within their respective Dem or Rep positions. The chart also displays these perspectives with regard to % of Bachelor’s Degrees per state. Interestingly, the states with the most bachelor’s degrees, tends to vote Democrat while those with less voted for McCain in 2008. We highly recommend checking this out as it is a... read more

Geography/History tool: Conflict history through maps!

When teaching history, one quickly discovers that good maps are hard to find that illustrate many of the aspects you are trying to teach. A new website, Conflict History, takes all known battles, small and large, and places them in a user-friendly timeline linked to the physical places on a map. It’s largely flashed based and is easy to figure out and use. The only drawback that I can find is that... read more

“GOP Budget Proposals Could Harm Geography Research”

As the budget debate heats up in Washington between the White House and the Republican majority in the House of Representatives, many are concerned about tough to decide changes that are certainly coming. In the most recent newsletter published by the Association of American Geographers in Feb. 2011, John Wertman published an article about how the most recent budget proposals from the right-wing GOP could... read more

Type Brewer for Cartography

Type Brewer is a font / typography tool that assists non-cartographers and typical mapmakers in selecting font types. It uses visual selections to help you find exactly what you are looking for. Although this is no substitute for real typography, it will help you make a step in the right direction. read more