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Roku Private Channel List Updated

      In honor of the release of Roku 3, we decided that it was time to do a thorough update of our private channel list. We have since added over 100 channels and removed those that are no longer working or have gone public. The list is located on our ROKU page. Have fun! read more

Roku + Plex = Effective Cable Cutting Bliss

If you don’t have a Roku yet, you should by now. It’s cheaper than an Apple TV, Boxee Box, and a WDTV and does more than most other media players that turn your TV into a “smart” TV. Some of you have been waiting for an appropriate media player for the Roku that can play just about anything you throw at it. Well it’s finally arrived… in the form of Plex.  For those of... read more

English Premier League Live on your Roku DVP

There are many of us who use Roku that have been missing some of our live sports events on devices like the Roku (and others). However, TheNowhereMan over at the Roku Forums recently updated the PodTV channel to include Premier League soccer from streams FOR FREE! I am not sure how long this will last, but for now it works great and the quality is about 480p (most of the time). For more... read more

Roku Private Channels List

I have created a dedicated page to private channel listings for the Roku device. If you don’t know what that is then that’s too bad. If you do then you’re in luck and probably relieved. Just click on the menu item “Roku” at the top OR go to   Roku Private Channels List Enjoy! read more