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5 annoying statements or questions for graduate students

This is more or less my addendum to this graphic I discovered… If you are looking to make a graduate student angry in some way, try making one of these statements or asking one of these questions below. These are not meant as an encouragement of tormenting graduate students but are meant to point out the ridiculous conversations that grad students must always go through. All of these are pulled from... read more

Al Jazeera Broadcasting Live in HD

Al Jazeera, a well respected news source based out of Doha, has always had some sort of live streaming capability for some time now. Recently, however, Al Jazeera has stepped up their services by providing Al Jazeera in 720p HD using YouTube. Al Jazeera is one of the best sources currently streaming valuable and informative live coverage of the events in Egypt and Tahrir Square. Click here for AlJazeera... read more

The Food Bubble in the Middle East (and Worldwide)

Fed Money Printing to Cover Bank Theft Is Leading to Food Inflation Worldwide (from MSNBC) MSNBC does a nice job of analyzing the true issues leading to chaos in the Middle East. Of course this would be oversimplification to say that this alone is what caused Tunisia’s revolution or Egypt’s upcoming/in progress revolution; but what is important here is that the “political economy”... read more