Drinking Water: You’re doing it wrong…

NPR posted a story not too long ago about the “myths” behind drinking water. Much of us have been told since a young age about the benefits of drinking at least eight glasses per day, or the benefits of water for our kidneys, and so on. Well, unfortunately there isn’t much science to back up these claims. Below is a list of some of the myths behind drinking water on a daily basis.  ... read more

Geography/History tool: Conflict history through maps!

When teaching history, one quickly discovers that good maps are hard to find that illustrate many of the aspects you are trying to teach. A new website, Conflict History, takes all known battles, small and large, and places them in a user-friendly timeline linked to the physical places on a map. It’s largely flashed based and is easy to figure out and use. The only drawback that I can find is that... read more

“How to be a terrible graduate student”

The list below is meant to avoid becoming the “bitterest person” noted by Matt Groening above. 🙂 So… I was stumbling around the internet and came across a professor’s list of don’ts for graduate students. The list was apparently compiled in 1994, but amazingly still applies today. I figured I would repost it here… Come to graduate school only because it allows you to... read more

5 annoying statements or questions for graduate students

This is more or less my addendum to this graphic I discovered… If you are looking to make a graduate student angry in some way, try making one of these statements or asking one of these questions below. These are not meant as an encouragement of tormenting graduate students but are meant to point out the ridiculous conversations that grad students must always go through. All of these are pulled from... read more

Why graduate school is harder than you think… (Part 1)

Assuming that you don’t have money, you will have to 1) take out a massive loan, 2) find a fellowship and/or assistantship (Grad Ass), 3) work a minimum of 15-25 hours a week on that assistantship (usually teaching or researching something not your own), or 4) work your ass off in a 20-40 hour a week job in the “college town.” First you usually need to finish a Master’s before your... read more