Roku Private Channels List

I have created a dedicated page to private channel listings for the Roku device. If you don’t know what that is then that’s too bad. If you do then you’re in luck and probably relieved. Just click on the menu item “Roku” at the top OR go to   Roku Private Channels List Enjoy! read more

Infographic – North Korea: Craziest country in the world

This Infographic cites it’s sources very well. Most Infographics this good don’t require an introduction. Enjoy. read more

Hidden Messages in Popular Logos

The great people over at have come up with a good list of popular logos that contain hidden meanings/messages. It’s worth a look if you have any interested in anything related to graphic design. read more

State of the world like Infographic

Any decent Infographic should always list their sources at the bottom – or at the very least – an author. I stumbled across this Infographic that has neither, but is still pretty good. Although I am unsure about some of its claims, I do like the idea of what it has to say. via I found the original at deviantart read more

Netflix to stream more recently released movies

According to the New York Times – Media Decoder… The common complaint about the streaming read more