Roku Private Channels List

I have created a dedicated page to private channel listings for the Roku device. If you don’t know what that is then that’s too bad. If you do then you’re in luck and probably relieved.

Just click on the menu item “Roku” at the top OR go to


Roku Private Channels List


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  1. I hope its a complete one…thanks for leaving off the “questionable” stuff

  2. Mark says:

    Has anyone mastered in making a private Hulu channel to watch on Roku..Why pay for playon when Hulu is free.

    • soulvom33 says:

      I haven’t but I can say HULU PLUS is soooo much better than HULU as it has the full backlog of it’s inventory whereas HULU if you want to watch earlier airings….well your screwed…and really what is $4.99 a month…oops scratch that…that is what I payed when I first got it…Well I guess I understand, especially if you are paying for High speed internet + Netflix + any other ON Demand services…I am glad I read this now time to check my monthly bill….sorry I couldn’t help. But I do believe that you might be hard pressed to find Hulu as an addon App as Plus came out mostly for he reason of being compatible with external devices. GY

    • Jeff says:


      The reason you still need PlayOn… Even if you pay for Hulu Plus, they have some shows (almost all SyFy shows) which are missing licensing for non “pc” devices. Example: When I fire up Huku Plus on my Roku and try to select Eureka, it says WEB ONLY… Meanin it can only be watche from a computer. PlayOn IS a pc with a web browser that reformists the stream and serves it up to the Roku for viewing. Upside: You have access to ALL of Hulu, plu TONS of other thirdparty plugins for access to LOTS of content not available on any other channels on the Roku. Downfall: besides the $$ for the software…you have a PC running when you want to see Hulu programs that aren’t licensed for non-pcs or take advantage of video sources that are not a part of the normal Roku channel scope.

      Me personally: my favorite channel is Plex since I have a computer with hundreds of my DVD collection converted into digital format. The plex server runs on my pc and offers up my movies plus automatically acquired metadata…. Very clean interface.

  3. john coody says:

    i dont know what to buy the roku or the western digital media player.would this list work with the wd media player?Am new at this and i read the reviews on both.Both are good but roku ask for your credit card.Would that be a concern to you?Thanks for any info.I like this site alot of good info.

    • soulvom33 says:

      I hope you get this in time….but I own both….and I definitely think the Roku Player is more promising. I Do like WD products…but wasn’t crazy about the WDTV player…it was too dependent on your PC…where as Roku is completely independent (with he exception of some optional Local media streaming apps that are great too!) I can’t however speak about WDTV PLUS though…I wish I would have bough hat instead of WDTV…but I am VERY happy with Roku…and VERY hard to please;>]- Good Luck…..Gavin Y.


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