So it seems that just before the Super Bowl began airing, a number of sites and domains were seized by Homeland Security. What does this have to do with Homeland Security and not the FCC, FBI, or any other obviously applicable institutions? We’re still not sure.

Among the “culprits” were:,, and
Each site was/is now hosting only the image posted above.

Also, the Huffington Post has just posted an article about how one of these sites, Rojadirecta, recently won a civil suit in Spanish courts saying that the site wasn’t doing anything illegal – at least outside the US. The claim was made that they are not “hosting” any actual content on their website, but instead are an aggregative broadcast site. These are similar claims that have been made about torrent sites.

In a humorous turn of events, each site has merely changed the suffix on their site. is now for instance.

Will this battle ever end? Not anytime soon…