Sorry about the lack of posts…

The school here has me pretty busy for most of the day, so there aren’t many interesting things to post about. I plan to visit the main town of Sousse, since I am currently north of Sousse in Hamman-Sousse, and I am sure I will have plenty to post after that.

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  1. Gary N. says:

    Hi Chris!

    Just checking in. Read you are pretty busy with the class. Diane left this afternoon about 5:45 PM destination Elkins to stay with Hannah tonight. Tomorrow they plan to do some shopping and girl time.

    Harley and I are home alone. But I will start packing my suitcase for my trip. I hope the Arabic is still interesting. Sounds very interesting.

    The temperature here is about 94 degrees and tomorrow may reach upper nineties. So summer is settling in.

    Take care,

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