USA! USA! USA! Wins Group C

The USA advances to the next round! So why am I posting this on the travel portion of this blog? Because it was predicted by a Tunisian I know at that Il Padrino restaurant…

I had lunch there just before the game and this is the coffee I was served…

Even the Tunisians knew!

I still believe it was a perfect prediction since the USA USA USA had another goal robbed by the FIFA officials for a lame offsides call.

I had the privilege to watch the match with a couple of Tunisians here. They were HUGE Algeria fans… most wearing some sort of jersey. I had to contain myself as much as possible when the final goal occurred in stoppage time. So instead of requesting high-fives from everyone in the room, I resorted to a bit of yelling and laughing. I am not sure they liked that much, but they understood.

Looking forward to the next match on Saturday… I will be watching that at a cafe in Tunis most likely.

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