The (best) World Cup Schedule

This is an amazing design in Adobe Flash that automatically pulls from the schedule data on FIFA’s website. The site is completely in Spanish (I think) but really keeps me up-to-date on scores and upcoming matches. Worth checking out… read more

“Crude Awakening”

Infographics are the new “thing” as far as web graphics are concerned. There are many floating around on the internet and it’s amazing how much you can learn by looking through one (if they are good). Also, much of the posts that I will make on here will usually involve a map in some way – like the example below. Here is an example… “Crude Awakening” is an... read more

USA! USA! USA! Wins Group C

The USA advances to the next round! So why am I posting this on the travel portion of this blog? Because it was predicted by a Tunisian I know at that Il Padrino restaurant… I had lunch there just before the game and this is the coffee I was served… I still believe it was a perfect prediction since the USA USA USA had another goal robbed by the FIFA officials for a lame offsides call. I had... read more

More views from the Sousse Medina

Today I decided to take a walk around the outside of the Medina. The walk was anything other than short, but it was still far better than dealing with the hassles of the tourist traps in the medina. This was perhaps the best decision I have made in the past three weeks! Outside, on the south end of the medina, the wall of the town truly gives the feeling of a port stronghold.   Views from Khalif... read more

Pictures around the Medina in Sousse

As you can see, I am waiting patiently for my photographer/artist wife to arrive in Tunisia so that she can take much better pictures! read more