The most amazing GPS Toy / Tool EVER!

MikroKopter – new software 10.2009 from Holger Buss on Vimeo. The MikroKopter is perhaps the most impressive GPS-using invention I have seen in a long time – maybe ever. read more

Here’s to learning lessons…

It was bound to happen… after over two weeks of being in Tunisia, I finally came down sick. Not terribly sick, but enough to make me miserable for most of the day. I figured that harissa that was piled on to that questionable shawarma I bought just a block away might turn out to be a catastrophic decision. It was insanely spicy, but still good. I think it may have been the tuna I saw him pull out of... read more

Sorry about the lack of posts…

The school here has me pretty busy for most of the day, so there aren’t many interesting things to post about. I plan to visit the main town of Sousse, since I am currently north of Sousse in Hamman-Sousse, and I am sure I will have plenty to post after that. read more

Here is a Google Map of my location

View My trek to the beach… in a larger map read more

Happy Birthday to me…

Ok, so yesterday was  my birthday, but I am choosing to observe it today. Yesterday I was way too tired to do much except eat excellent shwarma (with chicken in it and Allah knows what else). When I eat something here, it always seems like I have to take the “wait and see” approach to any sort of bodily consequences… so far so good. The breakfast here at the hotel is simple –... read more